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Maundy Thursday, April 17th
Tenebrae Worship Service
7:30 pm
Pinckney Boathouse, Brewster Academy
(This service will include the office of tenebrae,
when scripture passages are read in decreasing light by the deacons, as well as communion, and special music from the adult choir)

Good Friday, April 18th
Ecumenical Worship
12:00 noon at All Saints Episcopal Church
(The noon service will be a shared service with All Saints Episcopal Church and St. Katharine Drexel's Catholic Church. It will include scripture readings, music leaders offering a chant of the passion according to St. John, and leadership from all three faith communities (Pastor Gina, Rev. Ted Rice, and Fr. Cole)

Evening Worship
7:30 pm at Pinckney Boathouse, Brewster Academy
(This service will be contemplative with meditative silence, a shared reading of the passion, and some contemporary readings.)

Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 19th
7:00 pm at All Saints Episcopal Church
An opportunity to participate in a special prayer service together
and share in the joy of Easter. This intergenerational service is very much focused on children and youth. All are welcome, as Pastor Gina and the Rev. Ted Rice lead this time of story-telling and ritual together.

Easter Sunday, April 20th
Sunrise Service
5:30 am at Albee Beach
(This will be a simple sunrise service, with a candle light vigil to welcome the light, and communion on the beach.)

Traditional Worship
8:00 am at Pinckney Boathouse, Brewster Academy
(This will be the formal worship service of the day, with the adult choir singing, Gina preaching a traditional sermon, and communion)

Family/Intergenerational Worship
10:00 am at Pinckney Boathouse, Brewster Academy
(This service will be designed for families with children, with story-telling, the children's choir singing, and communion)
*All are welcome at any and all of these services